Campaign against illegal feeding of wildlife

Feeding of wildlife is illegal and harmful for them

Mainstreaming Biodiversity

FORREST is working on mainstreaming Biodiversity in Linear projects. The Project has a) On ground intervention and b) Conservation consciousness initiatives.
Karnala region holds remarkable forest, rich in flora and fauna but facing various anthropogenic pressures due to vicinity of Mumbai Metropolitan region.
The project work includes-

  1. Improvement in wildlife corridor design: “greening” of wildlife underpass at Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Navi Mumbai
  2. Tree ecology boards for conservation education along the walking trails of Karnala Sanctuary, to sensitize visitors about importance of trees, values of biodiversity and inter-connectedness of all.
  3. Bird board at the Karnala bird Sanctuary
  4. A campaign to create awareness to stop illegal feeding to wildlife.
  5. Enrichment planting of  tree species which can provide food to animals, hence reducing the possibility of animals venturing near highway

This work is supported by AWS InCommunities

Video Message

Below is a talk with Mr Sunil Limaye , Principal Chief Conservator of forest (Wildlife) , Maharashtra

A important video message on #stopfeedingwildlife


Meme Challenge

For all those who have creative way to spread awareness to protect our wildlife, here is a challenge for you. Create a meme which can raise awareness against feeding wild animals.
A Campaign against illegal feeding of wildlife
Supported by AWS InCommunities

Winning Memes

This is an entry from Vivek Sharma hailing from Jabalpur who is a herpetologist.  This meme aptly describes that plants and trees take care of food requirement of wild animals. Breaking this habit would cause imbalance in forest ecosystem.

This is an entry from Shivanshu Singh from Jabalpur, conveying similar message.

Video Log on Harmful effects of Feeding Wildlife



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